May 24, 2024



The Songs of The Shadows

“The Songs of the Shadows” seeks to showcase the raw talent and creativity that emerge from the shadows of society. Through this column, we hope to create a platform for emerging artists to reach a wider audience, fostering appreciation and recognition for their distinct perspectives and artistic expressions.

The Journey Part 1: Adjustment

Even though chaotic yet enchanting life I’ve been living, I have embarked on a soul-stirring journey that again goes beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. It was a crisp morning when I said goodbye to the comfort of my city, the remnants of poetic verses and the shutter clicks of my camera fading into the distance. I find myself at the nexus of change. The city I’ve known all my life now grows smaller in the distance as the bus continues forward. Once confined to the familiarity of Philly, I now stretched across the uncharted territory of a place I’ve never met.

The Journey Part 1: Adjustment – INTELLECTUAL INK

Through The Lens of The Wild One: Jasmine Alves

In the beating heart of Providence, Rhode Island, there exists a woman whose artistic vision extends far beyond the borders of her camera’s frame. Jasmine Alves, the CEO and founder of Wild Ones Photography, is no ordinary photographer. Her lenses are not merely tools for taking pictures; they are instruments of change, agents of unity, and a sign of hope.

Through The Lens of The Wild One – INTELLECTUAL INK

“Aryii: Bridging the Heart and Mind Through the Canvas of Art”

In the quiet sanctuary of her studio, Aryii wields her paintbrush not merely as an instrument of creation, but as a conduit for emotional release. Her canvases become windows to her soul, capturing the ebbs and flows of her spirit in vivid strokes and bold hues. Yet, Aryii’s artistry transcends the boundaries of the brush; it is conducted across mediums, intertwining science and self-expression into a mesmerizing work of art.

Aryii: Bridging the Heart and Mind Through the Canvas of Art – INTELLECTUAL INK

“Love Yourself, With All My Heart”

Art & Poetry by Phoenix Kabali
In a world where we’re often captivated by the surface, let’s take a moment to dive deeper within ourselves. “Love Yourself, With All My Heart” is a poignant reminder that the mirror can only show us what lies on the outside. But it’s within us that the real journey of self-discovery unfolds. Stop by and experience the latest poem by Phoenix Kabali.

Love Yourself, With All My Heart – INTELLECTUAL INK

Book Review by Phoenix Kabali

Within the pages of ‘The Secrets of Life’ by Jasmine Burdine lies an enchanting tale woven from the threads of teenage experiences. Each strand, a unique story told through the mesmerizing medium of poetry. This anthology, a kaleidoscope of emotions and journeys, delves into the mosaic of adolescent existence—embracing love and pain, passion and purpose, loss and grief, anger and happiness and so much more. As you turn the pages, you’re not just reading poetry; you’re embarking on a transformative journey through the delicate maze of growing pains and the vibrant transition into adulthood.


#BOOKCLUB The Secrets of Life (By Jasmine Burdine) – INTELLECTUAL INK

“Experience the transformative journey of guitarist and visionary, Will Ellsworth, whose melodies resonate beyond music. Discover how his commitment to change harmonizes with his art, inspiring unity and bridging divides. Uncover the profound impact of his work within the community, as he orchestrates a symphony of positive transformation through his music and storytelling. Join us in exploring the extraordinary character and unwavering dedication that set Will apart as a beacon of hope in a world yearning for change!

“Will Ellsworth: A Man of Music and Catalyst for Change” – INTELLECTUAL INK

I am excited to share my poem “Silhouette Sunrise”

This piece takes us on a journey through the contrast between darkness and light, capturing the beauty within the shadows of life. Embracing the depths where our hearts find solace, and where the tools of strength are forged, this poem reminds us that even in the toughest moments, there’s a spark of hope waiting to be discovered. Let’s celebrate the power of words and the emotions they weave together!

Silhouette Sunset  – INTELLECTUAL INK

Unveiling Society’s Underbelly: The Interplay of Homelessness, Drugs, and Community

In the intricate tapestry of urban life, hidden beneath the glittering surface of cities, a silent drama unfolds that captivates our very humanity. We invite you to delve into the depths of our latest thought-provoking article featured in Intellectual Ink Magazine.

Discover the complex dance between homelessness, drugs, and society, as we peel back the layers to reveal the intertwined effects of this perpetual cycle. It’s a story of despair and resilience, touching on themes of poverty, education, housing, healthcare, crime, gentrification, and the insidious grip of racial prejudice.

Unveiling Society’s Underbelly: The Interplay of Homelessness, Drugs, and Community – INTELLECTUAL INK

Step into a realm where every verse is a brushstroke painting the intricate tapestry of human emotions. ‘L.O.V.E.’ is a poetry book that takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the labyrinth of love – a kaleidoscope of feelings that resonate with every heartbeat.

As you turn each page, you’ll find yourself immersed in the author’s lyrical exploration of self-love amidst chaos, solace amidst turbulence, and the nurturing of inner tranquility.

With each stanza, ‘L.O.V.E.’ crafts an intricate mosaic of human connection, self-discovery, and the pursuit of inner harmony. Whether you’ve experienced love’s triumphs or heartaches, this book whispers to your heart and paints pictures in your soul.




This book is A Collection Of Poetry that takes you on a journey in to the mind of a young insomniac struggling to find his identity in the world, based off of his perceptive view point on the challenges he currently faces on an every day basis. Over the course of 112 pages, there are 40+ originally written poems by: Craig Bullock and several original pieces of art painted and or drawn by a few selected local artist in Philadelphia PA.

The Shadow of a Man Represents the ideology that the past,present, and ever changing future share an enormous amount or paradoxical similarities. This book is broken into two parts, The Shadow and the Then Man. As the first book in what I call a “Puzzle Poetry Series”, serves as the beginning of a 5 year long book serious about growth, love, life experience, pain, happiness and so much more.. Gather your thoughts and settle your mind and begin the journey through the story of my life.