June 13, 2024



The Journey Part 1: Adjustment

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Even though chaotic yet enchanting life I’ve been living, I have embarked on a soul-stirring journey that again goes beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. It was a crisp morning when I said goodbye to the comfort of my city, the remnants of poetic verses and the shutter clicks of my camera fading into the distance. I find myself at the nexus of change. The city I’ve known all my life now grows smaller in the distance as the bus continues forward. Once confined to the familiarity of Philly, I now stretched across the uncharted territory of a place I’ve never met. I felt the weight of my decision to leave the familiar behind in the corners of my mind. The challenge was not merely a change of location but also a metamorphosis of my soul, a daring leap into the abyss of self-discovery. With unwavering determination, I embraced the unknown, setting forth to a new city that whispered promises of inspiration and challenges alike. Destination…Providence.

As the city’s heartbeat reverberates through my veins, I grapple with the psychological intricacies of adapting to a new space. In the quiet moments, doubts creep in like shadows, questioning the wisdom of my chosen path. Yet, in the face of uncertainty, I find the feeling that defies despair…hope. The physical demands of this expanse became something that’s forging me into a stronger, more robust version of myself. The city’s demands so far are unrelenting, a constant push and pull that sculpting my character. The concrete jungle of Philly, a relentless trainer, sculpted my perseverance, molding my physique into a symbol of tenacity.

Adjusting is a dance, a dance between nostalgia and anticipation. You’re haunted by a life once lived in your memories, while the unexplored corners of this unknown place are filled with promises of adventure. It’s a delicate balance, a choreography of emotions where each twist I’m hoping brings me closer to a sense of belonging. The streets, once alien, will soon now become my daily routine. The local market, a marketplace of flavors, introduces me to the city’s unique food. From the first sip of coffee in a quaint corner cafe to the chatter of street vendors, I soon will learn the city’s dialect, a language spoken not just in words but in the essence of daily life. Yet, I’ve found that adjusting is not just about blending in; it’s about finding my unique melody in this environment. Providence offers a stage, and I become both an actor and an audience in this grand production of life. I plan to explore hidden galleries, discover niche bookstores, and embrace the culture that permeates the very air I breathe. But there are moments of vulnerability in the mix of my excitement and sense of adventure. Adjusting is a rollercoaster of emotions, with highs of exhilaration and lows of sickness. It’s about battling with the unknown, confronting the discomfort, and emerging stronger on the other side. Each hurdle is a steppingstone; each challenge is a lesson in perseverance. As I carve out my space here, readjusting will become a transformative process.

In this journey of adjusting and readjusting, I find solace in Providence that transforms into a silhouette against the canvas of my life. The once overwhelming will become a second skin and the city, a reflection of the resilience needed to call it home. So, here I am, a wanderer turned settler, navigating with a heart full of curiosity and a spirit to change. Adjusting to a new world is not just a physical relocation; it’s a poetic expedition, an exploration of self within the backdrop of city lights and the hum of life. As I continue to paint my story on this change, I find beauty in creating a masterpiece of growth. I’m discovering that the pursuit of success is not a destination but a perpetual journey, an ongoing poem crafted with passion, strength, and a belief in one’s dreams.

All Photos by Jasmine Alves Instagram: @Wildones_photo

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