April 25, 2024



Love Yourself, With All My Heart

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Love Yourself, With All My Heart

Poem and Art By: Phoenix Kabali 

What is this mirror that you need?
Tell me what is it that you see?
This inverted, refracted reflection of light that you perceive?
Somewhere deep inside you find reason to believe,
externally your appearance means something. 
It’s a understatement to state that we put too much faith in what Lies before our eyes.
Yeah…how fuckin ironic…that things can only LIE before your eyes as it LIES before your eyes,
No matter how hard you try you’re still blind to the fact that your eyes can lie to your mind at any and all times.
Yet, this is what you believe to be true?
That things are what they appear to be?
Somewhere along the way there was a disconnect by thinking you and I were separate.
That’s just an illusion you’ve been breastfed.
You want to see what you look like?
This inverted, refracted reflection of light that you perceive?
You should pay more attention to the way you think.
Listen to the words and things that you say.
Do they add growth or decay?
Truth and order or chaos and dismay? 
wisdom and knowledge or will you lead yourself astray?
Probably not right because you got it all figured out right?
A life filled with anarchy and questionable steps and retakes,
that you consider blank slates,
create positively negative learning experiences from your mistakes.
Now your breaking down as time seems frozen in place. 
You feel like your going nowhere for a reason…because you’re not. 
Now you’ve conjured this idiotic plot against yourself…“that’s just life”.
How dare you!
Do you still want to see what you look like?
This inverted, refracted reflection of light that you perceive?
Took a good look around at those you hold close and keep around you
everything and everyone you’re so heavily bound to. 
Think about the person you were before they found you.
You haven’t actually grown much have you?
Seems like your not where you planned to be as the world is moving past you,
Things are moving to fast that you are having trouble keeping up the pace as you’re in last place of a race you never actually chose to run.
I guess you should just worry about yourself correct? 
Seems like that’s what’s best.
Everyone’s doin it…stupid.
Soon things begin breaking down,
ties are severing now,
and you just can’t figure out why these relations you now have to ship.
Your world now begins to shift,
as you realized that all this time the real lies which actually LIED before your eyes this whole time as you lied to your mind
about what lied right before your eyes.
Then you act surprised when you say “I feel like I don’t even know you”. 
You never knew them to begin with. 
Here we are full circle.
Do you love yourself enough to really see what you look like?
This inverted, refracted reflection of light that you perceive?  I
If you want to know exactly what you look like on the outside,
you need to look at yourself deep on the inside to get it right because you won’t find your answer externally. 
I need you look away from this mirror and find peace as we part.
Go forth and never look back…I pray you Love Yourself, With All My Heart.

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