April 25, 2024



Creative Corner with The Ghostwriter JB

This column showcases creative pieces, flash fiction/nonfiction, essays, poetry, and other forms of art that cut across unconventional themes, rebel against stereotypical whims, and break creative barriers. If it’s bold, creative, and speaks to the soul, there’s a place for it in this creative corner of Intellectual Ink Magazine.

About The Columnist

JB Favour, a passionate Ghostwriter with over [5] years of experience, excels at transforming ideas into captivating stories. Known as the Queen of Memoirs, JB has a unique talent for capturing diverse voices in the memoir/autobiography genre. With a remarkable portfolio, including works by Civil war survivors, ex-convicts, abuse victims, and more, JB breathes life into stories that leave a lasting impact. Her writing spans from action-packed plots to emotional scenes, even assisting clients in securing movie deals with powerful scripts. JB’s works, spanning fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, have graced platforms like Brittle Paper, Lion & Lilac UK, and more. Don’t miss her debut anthology ‘Once Upon a Virus’ on Amazon, showcasing emotions brought by Covid. When not writing, JB heads FAVES_PEN, an agency elevating brands with creativity and strategy. Her life motto? I’d rather die, than live without passion – BTS, Jungkook.

The sound of the waves felt familiar yet strange. This was his place, his spot. He was king here. He knew every scent, every trail, everything was just as he had left it weeks ago. Today, he was bringing a feast, as long-overdue appeasement to his ego and thirst.

She was a feisty one.

Dammit! Was that blood on his tongue? Oh right. It was. Her stupid long nails had clawed and tried to fight him off. Lauryn Cole. Stupid Lauryn. Her cries had only pleasured him further. Knowing she was helpless; he had gotten a kick out of watching her squirm. Sucking his breath, he paused and lifted the body bag. And then just like always, he began to convulse into chokes of laughter. Tiny hollow giggles, followed by deep-throated growls. He would laugh all the way to his van in Dewy Park.

Something was ringing.



Trust me, even the best writers of all time once thought they’d never be able to hold a pen. Everyone gets these doubts at times, and it’s only honest that we admit to it. There is a difference between admitting to finding something difficult to do; and finding the determination to do it. The best way to change a CAN’T is to remove the T.

Now that being said, if writing has ever remotely crossed your mind and you quickly dismissed that thought with the snap of a finger, I daresay it is time to revisit that idea. This time, ask yourself, why do I think it is impossible?

That is the first step towards solving this challenge. When you address what inspired your fear or discouraged you, then you can be better equipped to handle it.


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