June 13, 2024




This column is designed to celebrate women and all of their curves. We will interview designers, models, and influencers who set trends in curvy fashion and hold contests, makeovers, events, and giveaways. If you would like to be featured in a future column, send your info to Charlotte@IntellectualInk.com

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hey and “mo hey!!!! Closet Crew, it seems like forever since I stepped in the closet and kicked it with my crew; oh baby, how I have missed you.

The magazine is now quarterly, which is great, so let me wish y’all Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and a very prosperous New Year, as you deserve all the best now and forevermore.

As this year comes to a close, it has been by far the most bittersweet year of my existence. 2023 has taken so much from me; I lost my sister, my second mother, the right to my left: Tabitha Mary Sharise Hamilton. It happened quite suddenly, gone in the blink of an eye, and I find my life has irrevocably changed, and my heart is forever broken. Grief is the price of love. That is the lesson I’ve learned in this and the thing I hold onto to keep going.

Issue 26 is Here! – INTELLECTUAL INK

 Hey, hey hey closet crew! I have a question; when did you first fall in love with hip-hop? Hip-Hop Fashion that is?

Ha, I’ve always wanted to open an article or interview with that question, ever since I saw Sydney Shaw aka Sanaa Lathan make it look so crazy sexy cool in Brown Sugar, one of my all-time favorite hip-hop movies.

As you see, this issue is dedicated to celebrating 50 years of hip-hop history and all that it encompasses. Fifty whole years and still shaping the culture. You guys know that I am a Hip-Hop head to my heart, and nothing says hip-hop more than fashion from the streets to the runway.

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Hey, hey & mo hey Happy National Poetry Month Closet Crew!!!

This issue is very special to me for two reasons. Not only do we get to highlight one of our favorite poets, the honorable and remarkable Madam Mayor Tekesha Martinez, the first African American mayor of Hagerstown, MD, but we also get to celebrate a milestone for Charlotte’s Closet Brand. It’s my one-year “Big Pin-up” anniversary. You may have seen me rocking my “Big Pin-Up Energy” apparel on IG or in the skreets (no typo). In honor of the anniversary, we’re offering a 15% discount when you shop at Itscharlottescloset.com and use the code BigPinUp. You know I can’t resist a shameless plug.

The Big Pin-Up collection is special to me, not just because the line is cute, which it is, but because it also represents the power of manifestation.

ISSUE 24: Mayor Tekesha Martinez – INTELLECTUAL INK

Good old cold ass February: where we get twenty-eight days straight of advertisers bombarding us with ads to tell us how woke and down for the culture they are. Mmmmm… okay.

We see you, Gucci.

The whole thing is a scam to get their hands on the almighty Black dollar. They want our rhythm, but never our blues.

Being Black in America can be mentally taxing, yet somehow, we still manage to push through. We push through all of the microaggressions. We push through all of the agony of watching our people get murdered by White and Black cops alike.

With all the things society throws at us to keep us down, we still manage to rise and continue to be some of the biggest Influencers in the history of this country, America was built on the backs of our ancestors and continues to thrive because of our influence.

ISSUE 23: Ken the Photographer – INTELLECTUAL INK