June 13, 2024



Through The Lens of The Wild One

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By Phoenix Kabali

In the beating heart of Providence, Rhode Island, there exists a woman whose artistic vision extends far beyond the borders of her camera’s frame. Jasmine Alves, the CEO and founder of Wild Ones Photography, is no ordinary photographer. Her lenses are not merely tools for taking pictures; they are instruments of change, agents of unity, and a sign of hope.

At first glance, one might mistake Jasmine for just another talented photographer seeking to capture fleeting moments. However, her mission goes far beyond gaining capital from photoshoots. Jasmine’s lens is her conduit for transformation, and her passion is the fuel that propels her toward her vision of a better community. Jasmine’s journey began with a simple love for photography, but her purpose expanded as she honed her talent and gained experience. Through the lens of her camera, she began to see the world differently – not just as a collection of images but as a canvas upon which stories of hope, unity, and beauty could be painted. This newfound perspective was the seed from which Wild Ones Photography grew.

Jasmine Alves (@wildones_photo) • Instagram photos and videos

You can read the full article below in the latest issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine

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