June 12, 2024



Silhouette Sunset 

2 min read


By: Phoenix Kabali 

As the sunset simmers down,

The light in life seems a bit dimmer now,

Most of the world is preparing for bed,

Or probably eating dinner now.

I pack my bags to head deep into town,

Not the railroad but I’m headed deep underground,

When I’m feeling lost at all costs,

It’s where the dwellings of my heart is found.

A place where my heart and crown Settle down,

So they can have a simple round of conversation.

I don’t know if you picking up what I’m saying,

Listen to me…

The very place that I’ve be staying,

Filled with all the dangers I’m healing from and escaping,

Seems to me what seems to be the one place I feel the safest. 

For some reason the darkness is what people try so hard to part with,

Even though it’s where tools become the sharpest,

The difference between hardwood uand carpet,

We often forget some of the best things cans be found in the garage.

These blackened city streets if not carful can easily become a tar pit,

One false step and you can easily become a target,

Trust me this Ain’t a place where the faint of heart lives,

Shit it’ll eat you alive to the point you feelin’ heartless.

I sometimes cry for the souls forced to roam At night,

Those souls that are forced to roam in this life,

In constant search through the pain and the hurt for any glimpse of light that resembles a ray of hope.

Something that brings the strength to break the chains around the throat,

So that my voice will carry on into tomorrow at best.

Maybe with the rising light that signals an end to my sleepless night will allow me to rest,

For now, as I lay down, I pray on my silhouette sunset.

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