July 14, 2024



Welcome to Issue 27 of Intellectual Ink Magazine!

In this edition, we are thrilled to present a rich tapestry of features celebrating the intersection of literature, film, and cultural retrospectives. Our cover story, FROM PAGE TO SCREEN, offers an insightful interview with the talented Tu-Shonda Whitaker, who shares her journey of translating written words into compelling visual narratives.

We also spotlight the prestigious American Black Film Festival, highlighting its impact on the industry and the incredible talent it showcases. Charlotte’s Closet on Location: Miami brings you the latest in fashion and style from one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

For our aspiring writers, Write News with Chris Renee & Julie Ojeda Nin offers invaluable insights and tips on navigating the world of writing, publishing, and filmmaking. Meanwhile, Erick S. Gray’s Foreseeing the Future: Movies as Prophets of Reality explores the uncanny ways in which films predict real-life events.

Our Arts & Entertainment piece, United Kingdom: A Retrospective of Michael Jackson & Prince by Haikeem Stokes, pays homage to two of the greatest icons in music history. And for those looking to bridge the gap between literature and film, Editor-in-Chief provides a comprehensive guide on how to Turn Your Book into a Screenplay.

This issue is packed with inspiring stories, practical advice, and thought-provoking articles designed to ignite your passion for storytelling in all its forms. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Happy reading!

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