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Everyone is a SURVIVOR….

And this book is proof of that. This book is a GIFT to all of us who survived the year 2020, a MEMORIAL for those who died fighting this dreadful pandemic and CLOSURE for those of us still struggling to live with the scars and aftermaths of this tumultuous experience. In this ANTHOLOGY, I have collected different emotions that we have at one point of our lives experienced and may still experience as COVID continues to exist and made them into POEMS.

Inspired by my own personal struggles and triumphs, the stories of others and the experiences of those who let me into the sanctuary of their thoughts and minds, I have birthed these poems. From MENTAL HEALTH BATTLES to LOSS, ANXIETY, FRIENDSHIPS, DOUBTS, SELF DISCOVERY and even LOVE, there isn’t a single emotion this pandemic spurred that was excluded from this piece. This is me trying to show us how strong we are, how valid our emotions albeit confusing they might have been and that surviving COVID is no joke. For every single one of us CHANGED in ways we never thought possible.

This is a documentation of our valid emotions and a reminder that because we lived in the year of the VIRUS, there isn’t a thing we cannot SURVIVE dear soldiers. So, I’m hoping that as you read through the sincere, utterly naked and raw emotions poured out in this book, you feel a sense of comradeship and peace that ONCE UPON A VIRUS you were not alone. You and I, all of us, we SURVIVED.
And for those who didn’t, BADGES of honor, they fought bravely as much as they could.


JB Favour is a ghostwriter, columnist for Intellectual Ink Magazine, voiceover artist and poet. She is also the founder and host of the Bookterviews – Meet An Author Show, a platform established to provide authors an organic opportunity of promoting their books through interviews to share behind stories of their writing journey. JB is a best selling ghostwriter with several ghost works of autobiographies and memoirs topping the Amazon best seller list earning her features in several magazines such as Intellectual Ink Magazine, I Am International Magazine and IP Resilience Magazine. Her dive into poetry was borne out of her desire to produce inspirational pieces, to share sincere bits of herself and to express emotions that are often judged by society. Her goal is to inspire the young black child to seek to rise above stereotypical ideas of the society and to find their real self amidst all the scars and flaws.

JB’s debut anthology – Once Upon A Virus is a timeless piece of poetry that embodies all the emotions that the Covid pandemic brought to mankind and is her attempt to provide comfort and closure for everyone struggling to deal with the aftermaths of a pandemic still ongoing.

When JB is not writing, she is reading or listening to music, her favorite hobbies by the way.

JB lives in Nigeria, Africa with her family and two siblings.

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