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Issue 26: Sharel E. Gordon-Love

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Sharel E. Gordon-Love shares her remarkable journey chronicled in “Afraid to Live and Afraid to Die,” a story of resilience through two cancer diagnoses and health challenges. Inspired by a transformative moment in the hospital, where a shared prayer led to healing, Sharel reflects on the role of faith and spirituality in her recovery, offering valuable advice to those facing health challenges. As an inspirational speaker, Sharel seamlessly weaves her personal experiences into her talks, motivating and uplifting others in similar trials.

In “Afraid to Live and Afraid to Die,” you chronicle your journey through cancer diagnoses and health issues. Can you share a pivotal moment or insight from your experience that inspired you to share this story, and what message of hope do you hope readers take away from it?

That pivotal moment came when I was in the hospital after having the second surgery due to carcinoid cancer. My roommate had Crohn’s disease, and she was in such a bad way she told her mother she was going to die. Her mother, not knowing why I had surgery, asked

me to please tell my roommate that she would not die. Not only did I comply with the request, but I also immediately took to Facebook and asked everyone to pray for Sharon. Later that day, she was almost 100% better; then it hit me that I should also share how I was blessed to be cancer-free as much as I can so that someone going through a cancer journey of their own can have hope as well.

Your bio mentions that you are a two-time cancer survivor. How have your faith and spirituality played a role in your journey toward healing and recovery, and

what advice would you offer to others facing health challenges?

Honestly, in the beginning, it was difficult because, despite my faith, I am yet human. Talks with my pastor helped quite a bit, but taking the time to read my Bible and spending time in prayer played a big role in my healing and recovery. I advise anyone facing a health challenge to find out everything they possibly can about it, ask their doctors as many questions as possible, and research on their own. If they do not have an intimate relationship with God, it is not too late to have one.


Born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, Sharel E. Gordon-Love started writing at six, winning immediate recognition for her essays and short stories. Her first nonfiction work, “Is There Hope for the Black Male?” was published by Black Child Magazine in 1994. Currently, Sharel has released 13 books with Peace in the Storm Publishing, which includes an ebook series consisting of seven (7) short stories titled “Saved to Serve” and full Christian fiction novels from a series titled “Seasons of Life.” In July 2015, Sharel became the publisher of After The Storm Publishing in partnership with Peace in the Storm Publishing with Visionary Elissa Gabrielle. On July 1, 2017, A.S.P. Kids Publishing, the children’s books division of After The Storm Publishing. Domestic Violence and two-time cancer survivor, author, inspirational speaker, screenwriter, and brand ambassador, Sharel is a licensed evangelist in the Church of God in Christ. She and her family attend New Reid Temple C.O.G.I.C. in East Orange, New Jersey. There, she serves on the Administrative Staff, Youth Department, and Women’s ministries. Sharel resides in North Plainfield, New Jersey with her family.


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