July 14, 2024



“Empowering Single Mothers: A Mother’s Cry’s Comprehensive Approach to Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Community Support”

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Can you share more about the specific challenges that single mothers face and how A Mother’s Cry aims to address these issues?

“A Mother’s Cry” is taking action to support single mothers with comprehensive wraparound services to guide them to self-sufficiency. Some of the specific challenges that they face are mental health issues due to the pressure of mothering alone, including self-esteem enrichment, a generational poverty mindset, the lack of education, domestic violence cycles, and making healthy food choices for their family. We aim to address these challenges by providing resources for mental health counseling and connecting them with the proper connections for obtaining their GED and higher education opportunities, employment readiness, entrepreneurship opportunities, domestic violence counseling, and safe placements. We also desire to execute community events that inform and promote healthy food choices and preparation for their families.

Your organization emphasizes the importance of community support. How can individuals and other organizations contribute to A Mother’s Cry’s mission?

Community support is imperative for the success of “A Mother’s Cry” because it is not about “them.” It is about “us.” Individuals and organizations can contribute to fulfilling our mission by collaborating with us in community events, giving financial donations, and consistently promoting us and our mission. 

What are some success stories or impactful moments that highlight the positive outcomes of A Mother’s Cry’s efforts?

We have successfully provided school supplies to low-income families, donated activity supplies to a local nursing Christmas, and provided gifts for the children and the mother.

In your experience, how does A Mother’s Cry assist mothers in navigating the legal system, and what kind of support is needed to expand these services?

We are helping mothers navigate the legal system by advocating for them. We are becoming known as a “voice” for mothers and their incarcerated children. “A Mother’s Cry” has a petition that solicits signatures to petition our Governor to place a “Family Liaison” inside of our state prisons. We are involved in networking with organizations, including the ACLU of MD, and update them frequently with our legal concerns. We also vote on legislation that impacts our incarcerated loved ones as we continue to demand justice and prison reform. Recently, I advocated for a mother who is incarcerated and being denied much-needed medical attention. Her family informed me that she is now receiving medical care. “A Mother’s Cry” needs the support of individuals licensed to practice law and can and will provide fair advice and guidance for these mothers. In addition, we need licensed advocates who are acutely aware of the inner workings of the legal system and know distinctly the rights of mothers.

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