April 25, 2024



From Raw Thoughts to Resilience: An Interview on Crafting Emotionally Charged Flash Fiction

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A conversation with JB Favour in the Creative Corner

Neecy Jones is the creative force behind gripping tales that seamlessly blend raw vulnerability with resilience. In this exclusive interview, Neecy unveils their unique writing process, the emotional journey of capturing intense scenes, and the inspiration that fuels their impactful narratives. Join us as we explore the art of storytelling in its most concise and powerful form, discovering the profound reasons behind each word and the transformative potential of flash fiction.

I initially write my raw thoughts, or blood on the paper, about the piece. Once I feel I’ve communicated well with my readers on my flash fiction piece, I then begin to edit the piece to meet the word requirements.

It wasn’t easy. I had moments of crying snotty tears because I was pulling up once painful emotions and feelings. I handled capturing & writing this by keeping in mind WHY I was writing the piece in the first place. I’m a domestic violence and MeToo healed survivor, as well as a recovering drug addict with thirty-six years clean. Today, I live a peaceful life. However, there are so many who are still living wounded lives in silence as I once did. Also, being married to a psychologist certainly helped.

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. I grew up in an extremely insane and dysfunctional household. My siblings and I were taught to keep our reality secret. If we slipped up and told, the consequences would be harsh. It was then I began to use pen and paper to tell. To this day, I journal quite often.

My book, “THRU THE TUNNEL. JOURNEY OF A WARRIOR WOMAN,” was what inspired me to write the flash fiction piece RESILIRE. I am very aware that I am not the only woman who suffered living in the tunnel of hell. With the help of others, just like me, I became resilient and walked out of that tunnel into my light as a healed human being. This is when I knew my purpose in life was to write my story and help others find the way out of their tunnel into their light as healed people.

I jumped up and down and cried because my piece was going to be published in not just any magazine but an award-winning magazine, where many readers would have access to my message.   

I would advise other aspiring flash fiction authors not to think about it; just write what you want/need to say. With this genre, using only a minimal number of words, your powerful piece can be read by many. How cool is that? And, once you open that door, who knows what possibilities lie ahead?  neecyjones.com


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