April 25, 2024



Nurturing Diversity in Creative Writing: GrubStreet’s Teaching Fellowship for Black Writers

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Hey wordsmiths! If you’re a Black writer itching to flex your teaching muscles, GrubStreet’s got the scoop on an awesome opportunity just for you. The Teaching Fellowship for Black Writers is not your run-of-the-mill program – it’s a chance to boost your bank account, level up your teaching game, and sprinkle your unique flavor into the world of creative writing.

What’s in the Pot?

  • Cash Flow: Imagine getting $25,000 to fund your writing adventures. Well, guess what? GrubStreet is making it rain for the chosen ones!
  • Mentor Magic: Get ready for some wisdom drops! GrubStreet’s Education Director and other pros are ready to be your mentors, guiding you through the twists and turns of both writing and teaching.
  • Conference VIP: Ever dreamt of being the star at a literary conference? Fellows get the golden ticket – free access to the Muse and the Marketplace conference, plus a chance to strut your stuff in a paid session.
  • Community Vibes: Jump into the GrubStreet pool of writers, instructors, and staff. Work your magic in events, classes, and help shape the future of creative writing education. Your voice matters!
  • Your Personal HQ: Need a spot to let those creative juices flow? GrubStreet’s got you covered with a dedicated space to cook up your writing masterpieces.
  • Learn and Grow: Get schooled for free! The fellowship comes with 60 hours of GrubStreet classes, ensuring you’re always on your A-game.
  • Membership Perks: Two years of GrubStreet membership means extended access to resources and networking opportunities. The gift that keeps on giving!

Who’s Invited to the Party?

If you identify as a Black writer, are 18 or older, and are up for rocking the creative writing boat with both adults and teens – you’re in! You don’t need a stack of publications or a Ph.D. in teaching; just bring your passion, and you’re good to go.

Show Us Your Style!

The application process is like an open mic for your story. Share a personal statement, your CV or resume, a snippet of your writing mojo, and two pals who can vouch for your dedication to the art.

When and Where?

Mark your calendars! Applications open on February 15th, 2024, and the final jam session kicks off on May 30th, 2024. Decision day? End of June – keep your eyes peeled!

COVID Twist:

Thanks to the pandemic, GrubStreet’s doing the cha-cha between virtual and in-person events. If you can swing by Boston in 2024, that’s a bonus, but if not, no worries! Safety first.

Ready to Roll?

If this sounds like your kind of gig, hop onto the GrubStreet train and submit your application. Any burning questions? Hit up programs@grubstreet.org or give them a ring at 617.695.0075.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your words fly and make your mark in the world of inclusive storytelling with GrubStreet’s Teaching Fellowship for Black Writers! Teaching Fellowship for Black Writers – GrubStreet

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