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Crafting Authentic Narratives: A Journey into the Creative Process of Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu

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In ‘ÓNÁ ÍBÍYÉ,’ Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu takes us on a poignant journey through the rich tapestry of his maternal grandmother’s past. Drawing inspiration from her life, he skillfully crafts a narrative that transcends time and cultural boundaries. As characters come alive, themes unfold seamlessly, capturing the essence of a woman whose story deserves to be seen and heard. You can find this emotionally charged piece in the latest issue of Intellectual Ink Magazine. ÓNÁ ÍBÍYÉ promises to touch hearts and leave a lasting impact, echoing the power of storytelling to illuminate hidden gems of our shared humanity. Today, we were given the opportunity to talk with Davidfnycountry about his artistic process.

I believe that I’m speaking for every writer when I say that’s the most difficult part. This is because you want to tell the story without omitting anything. So, I don’t think about word limits when writing. If there’s a prompt, I look at it carefully and relate it to something in life, and that’s always such a very dear process for me because there are plenty of stories to tell. We Africans are just beautiful people filled with so many stories, and the fact that I’m opportune to have a deep sense of imagination and tell these stories gives me immense joy. 

After that, I start to write, and when I’m done, I go back to read it and do some editing before I finally, and sadly, take out the paragraphs that don’t move me as much. And no! I don’t discard them because they are important, too, just not for the piece that I’m writing. And I know, definitely, it would be very relevant in the near future.

Then, I send it to a friend or a sibling to read, and yeah, the rest is history.

But that’s just my way, you know. Another writer may give a very different answer. And that’s what makes us all unique: the different ways we can write.

Oh my goodness! I have always been a passionate African creative artist who proudly identifies as a feminist, using my art to amplify and celebrate the voices of women. Through my work, I strive to contribute to the ongoing conversations about gender equality and empowerment. I mean, wow! I have been writing for a . . . since as long as I remember. 

When I was in Junior High at Saint Francis College Zonkwa, in Kaduna State, Nigeria, I remember that some of us, my classmates and I, would write these short stories down on these papers from our notebooks that we tore out and glued together. 

Several years now, I have had a website, https://davidaustine4u.wixsite.com/ogbadudfa/blog, where I have written amazing stories; my book “The Other Woman” comes out soon. My songs, “Pain” and “I’m in Love.” which I wrote and sang, come out soon on all music streaming platforms. I have a Radio Drama, “Madam CEO,’ in the works. I also have a musical play, “Ogwu the Musical,” in the works. Also, I have written several plays that have been staged and performed nationally and internationally. I co-produced a short film, “Jobless is Not,” last year, which I wrote and directed. Recently, I just won the Inaugural 2023 sub-Sahara Screenplay Contest, organized by LA-based BOM PIC Global TV. Now, my piece “ÓNÁ ÍBÍYÉ” was accepted by The Ghostwriter JB for publication in Issue 26 of Intellectual ink Magazine, both of which I’m truly honored to have been acknowledged.

For this piece, my maternal grandmother is the inspiration behind this beauty. And before her death, I barely saw her, only during Christmas. I think I’ve always been drawn to the past and the story that it carries. Giving a little life to my grandmother’s past gave me the strength to write this. And while writing this, I wanted to do justice to her story, so her children (laughs) would not come for me. So when writing, I closed my eyes and felt her, saw her, from my view.  

I don’t want to give much away. I hope that I did little justice to her story from my perspective.

When I got the email, I screamed, then ran to tell my mom, who asked me to read the piece to her, and halfway through, she got really emotional, and I remember thinking, OMG! So this is really a powerful piece.

As a creative artist, especially as an African creative artist, it feels like you’re not doing enough most of the time. It can be overwhelming, and things like these, the impacts our craft has on people, keep us going. For sure, the exposure and awards are important because if we are being realistic, they bring opportunities that will pay the bills. But that aside, what we do is the power that we have to pass messages, make people feel, enact change, and inspire and be inspired. That’s the real deal. Getting acceptance for this piece and knowing the lives that it would touch every day feeds me joy, gratitude, deep respect, and perseverance.

Also, this piece means so much to me because I feel my grandmother is finally being seen. Now the whole world will know how amazing she was, and who knows, Netflix or Apple Plus or Prime or HBO or Hulu or ShowMax or Tubi may ask to buy the rights, and Oná íbíyé will have her TV series. Who knows? It’s a long list. 


Igala, by ethnicity, is an indigene of Kogi State from Iyale, Dekina Local government, Nigeria. Graduate of theater Arts department Kogi State University, Ayingba, Kogi State, Nigeria. Davidfnycountry Austine Ogbadu is a Creative Artist, Writer, actor, singer, and director who is carving a dynamic path in the entertainment world. He values truth, equality, and relatability in his works and has dedicated his career to the representation of women and African stories. With a passion for storytelling, his journey began with the written word, crafting narratives that captivated audiences, listeners, and readers with his depth and creativity.

He believes that with his Creative Artistic works, he will have an illustrious career, already in progress, garnering critical acclaim and accolades and 

cementing a legacy as a multifaceted creative force. And that his dedication to the arts continues to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide. His hobbies include Reading, Writing, Singing, Travelling, Meeting People & Socializing, Acting, Watching Movies, Research, and Cooking. Those who are interested can learn more about Davidfnycountry on his website https://davidaustine4u.wixsite.com/ogbadudfa


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