July 14, 2024



Honoring Toni Morrison: A Virtual Reading of ‘The Bluest Eye’ by Angela Davis

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In celebration of Toni Morrison’s birthday, the Toni Morrison Society is thrilled to host a complimentary virtual reading of her seminal novel, “The Bluest Eye,” featuring the esteemed Angela Davis. This poignant event promises to delve deep into the profound themes of beauty, conformity, race, class, and gender that Morrison masterfully explores in her work. Register for this event via the link provided below to join us in honoring Morrison’s legacy and engaging with her timeless literature.

About “The Bluest Eye”:

A NATIONAL BESTSELLER and hailed by Parade as one of the BEST BOOKS OF ALL TIME, “The Bluest Eye” stands as a testament to Morrison’s unparalleled talent. Set against the backdrop of America’s obsession with beauty and the ruthless standards it imposes, the novel introduces us to Pecola Breedlove, an 11-year-old Black girl longing for acceptance in a world that prizes blond hair and blue eyes above all else. Pecola’s desperate wish for blue eyes becomes a haunting symbol of her yearning for validation and belonging, ultimately leading to a harrowing exploration of identity and self-worth.

Morrison’s prose, characterized by its precision and profound emotional resonance, elevates “The Bluest Eye” to the realm of poetry, capturing the pain and wonder of the human experience with unparalleled grace (The New York Times).

About the Toni Morrison Society:
Established on May 28, 1993, during the annual meeting of the American Literature Association in Baltimore, Maryland, the Toni Morrison Society has been a steadfast advocate for the recognition and celebration of Morrison’s literary contributions. From its modest beginnings with 26 scholars and supporters, the Society has burgeoned into an international literary community boasting over 700 members spanning across various countries worldwide.

In the wake of Morrison’s historic Nobel Prize win for Literature in 1993, the Society experienced exponential growth, drawing in members from diverse backgrounds and regions. With an Advisory Board comprised of prominent figures from academia, the arts, business, and beyond, the Society remains dedicated to advancing Morrison’s mission and legacy.

Toni Morrison & The Power of Story:
Morrison’s works, including her seminal debut “The Bluest Eye,” continue to provoke thought and spark dialogue, challenging readers to confront uncomfortable truths about systemic oppression and the enduring resilience of marginalized communities, particularly Black girls and women. Through her unflinching portrayal of their suffering and resilience, Morrison invites us to reckon with the legacy of trauma and the imperative of bearing witness to one another’s stories.

As advocates for literacy and social justice, the Toni Morrison Society stands in solidarity with Black girls and women everywhere, recognizing the transformative power of storytelling as a tool for healing and resistance against oppression. Join us in amplifying their voices and championing their humanity.

For more information and to register for the virtual reading, please visit tonimorrisonsociety.org.

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