July 14, 2024



Celebrating African American Literary Excellence: BCALA’s 2024 Self-Publishing Literary Award

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The Black Caucus of the American Library Association (BCALA), in collaboration with Biblioboard, is once again set to recognize and celebrate the literary prowess of African American authors through the 2024 Self-Publishing Literary Award. This prestigious award aims to honor outstanding self-published eBooks that delve into the diverse genres of Fiction and Poetry, providing a platform for authors to showcase their talent and contribute to the rich tapestry of African American literature.

Recognition and Rewards:

BCALA understands the significance of acknowledging and celebrating the cultural, historical, and sociopolitical aspects of the Black Diaspora. To encourage and support the literary endeavors of African American authors, the Self-Publishing Literary Award offers substantial rewards for the winners in each genre. The prize package includes a $2,500.00 cash award, formal recognition at the Black Caucus of ALA Literary Awards, and the exclusive BCALA eBook Award Digital Seal, a valuable tool for marketing and promoting the winning work.

Submission Details:

Aspiring authors eager to participate in this literary celebration can submit their entries and find additional information on the official submission page: https://bcala.librariesshare.com/bcala-ebook-contest/. The submission deadline is February 29, 2024, providing authors with ample time to prepare and present their best work.

Genres and Criteria:

BCALA’s Self-Publishing Literary Award spans two genres, namely Fiction and Poetry, creating a space for diverse storytelling and poetic expression. The awards specifically aim to highlight works that demonstrate excellence in presenting the cultural nuances, historical depth, and sociopolitical facets of the Black Diaspora.

Culmination at NCAAL Conference:

The culminating event for this literary celebration will take place at the NCAAL conference in New Orleans, LA. This conference serves as a vibrant hub for intellectuals, creatives, and literary enthusiasts to come together and appreciate the profound impact of African American literature. The awards ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion, recognizing and applauding the exceptional talent within the self-publishing literary community.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or additional information regarding the Self-Publishing Literary Award, prospective participants and interested individuals can reach out to Mrs. Tiffany Duck, Chair of the BCALA, at tiffany.duck3@gmail.com. Mrs. Duck’s expertise and guidance will undoubtedly provide valuable insights for those seeking to participate in this esteemed literary competition.

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