April 25, 2024



Amplifying Voices: Atria Books’ Third Annual First Novel Contest

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In the ever-evolving world of literature, diversity of voices is paramount. In a nation that thrives on progress and inclusivity, it becomes essential to celebrate the stories that represent us all. Atria Books, an imprint of the renowned Simon & Schuster publishing house, is proud to announce the launch of its third annual “BOOKS LIKE US First Novel Contest.” This literary endeavor seeks to provide a platform for emerging writers from underrepresented groups, ensuring their voices are heard, stories are shared, and experiences are celebrated.

Empowering Underrepresented Voices

The core mission of the Books Like Us First Novel Contest is to break down barriers in the publishing industry and facilitate access for writers who have traditionally been underrepresented. By doing so, Atria Books and Simon & Schuster aim to embrace and amplify the diversity of readers across the United States. This initiative is a vital step towards ensuring that the literary world mirrors the rich tapestry of the nation it serves.

A Tradition of Inclusivity

The annual Books Like Us First Novel Contest is part of a rotating series among Simon & Schuster’s adult imprints. In the past, similar contests have been administered by the Gallery Books and Simon & Schuster imprints. This commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity runs deep within the Simon & Schuster family.

The Submission Process

Beginning on Friday, September 29, 2023, aspiring authors are invited to submit their original adult novels for consideration. Submissions consist of the first twenty-five pages of the manuscript, and the process is entirely online. Atria Books welcomes stories that are inclusive, entertaining, groundbreaking, and that feature expert pacing, depth, heart, and unforgettable characters who leap from the pages. After the submission period concludes, Atria Books’ editorial, marketing, and publicity teams will carefully evaluate entries based on originality, relevance to today’s publishing climate, and the quality of writing.

The Grand Prize

The coveted prize for the selected author is nothing short of a dream come true—a $50,000 book deal with Atria Books. This is not just an opportunity for recognition but a chance to have your work published and shared with readers across the nation.

The Books Like Us First Novel Contest by Atria Books and Simon & Schuster represents a significant commitment to inclusivity and diversity in literature. By offering a chance for underrepresented voices to shine and stories to be celebrated, this initiative becomes a beacon of hope in the world of publishing. As the contest opens its doors once again, aspiring authors from across the United States are invited to submit their manuscripts, ensuring that the rich tapestry of American stories continues to flourish. This contest is not just a competition; it’s a celebration of the stories that unite us all.



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