May 24, 2024



Book Club: Mud Pies & Summertime

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By Sharel E. Gordon Love

Little girls everywhere love to play outside and make creations out of mud while enjoying the time spent outside during summer. It is no different for Shae and Tisha in Author Sharel E. Gordon-Love’s, “Mud Pies & Summertime.” The first sign of summer has Shae and Tisha looking forward to the rains of spring and the mud it will make for the assorted mud pies and cakes they loved to create. They spent hours on end mixing dirt and water until it was thick enough to mold. They did not mind getting dirty, not one bit, and they even shared with their favorite dollies. As much as the two cousins loved to spend time together making mud pies in the summertime, they looked forward to their whole family sharing food and fun when they would get together during holiday time. “Mud Pies & Summertime” shares the bond of friendship with cousins, and the joy of family unity.

Intellectual Ink is donating 5 Copies of Mud Pies & Summertime by Sharel E. Gordon Love to “Books in Every Home Campaign’ by Tree House Books! This initiative aims to make literature accessible to all, especially in underserved communities. 🌳📖 #BooksForAll

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