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Virtual Assistant Services

Building a business foundation is arduous and time-consuming. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is no longer a luxury it is becoming the standard. Freeing up your time and allowing a skilled and vetted professional to assist in the everyday behind-the-scenes tasks of back office and administrative work is an investment into the bigger picture…


How do you prioritize and manage your tasks and responsibilities as a virtual assistant?

Scheduling. Weekly I create a task list for myself. Each of my clients has a Google Spreadsheet dedicated to their business. It includes my assigned tasks and the future goals of the organization. In addition, they each have a notebook with notes from meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Since I manage several clients it’s important to dedicate time each day to be available and updated with anything pending and future tasks. With organization being such a huge part of how I can be an asset to my clients, in addition to providing them with tips on how to properly maintain certain systems I have put into place, I developed a planner. “Set Your Intentions” Planner for Success has been a passion project of mine since beginning YRS. I am fortunate to be able to release it soon. The projection is in February of 2023. This planner for success encompasses all the techniques I use to stay on task. It’s a balance of mapping out your to-do list, mental health, self-care, and career goals.

Can you discuss some of the biggest challenges you have faced as a virtual assistant and how you overcame them?

The biggest challenge I have faced so far is being OK with the fact that every assignment is not mine. When I started this journey and completely left my 9-5 to be a dedicated business owner, that was scary. I knew that one client was not going to be sustainable for me. Therefore, any inquiries that came my way regarding my services, I took. That was a lesson I learned. That although I was in a position of needing more clients, every assignment isn’t meant for me and was a good fit. I took less than what I listed as my rate, which was at the time lower than what my skillset and time were worth. In addition, communication was lacking, which served as an ongoing issue.

I overcame it, by addressing the communication concerns, and placing boundaries on my time. If I am under contract for a certain time to complete a project, that must be respected. I, however, took the loss regarding the fee. In being professional, I established that fee and there was no way I was going to waiver mid agreement.

However, that experience taught me a lot. It has in essence helped me to build the confidence I needed to move forward. Regarding my time, expertise, service fee, and communication.


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