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SHOP BLACK: Royal Creations

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Royal 4 Publishing and Royal Creations By Author Danielle Bigsby: We believe everyone is created for a #RoyalPurpose


What inspired you to start creating jewelry?

At one point I couldn’t afford nice jewelry, so I began teaching myself to craft just what I wanted to wear. Then I thought, why not offer this to everyone else? If I like it, I know they will too!

How long does it take to make?

I can make them to order in less than 24 hours!

You can find us at the Hendersonville Handmade Market on Friday, March 31st.

101 Maple Drive North Hendersonville, TN 37075

About The Author

Danielle Bigsby, of Royal 4 Publishing, has been writing and crafting stories since adolescence although Royal 4 Publishing wasn’t birthed until January 2015. Although she never saw herself as an author, her late brother Juan Bell, affectionately known as Butch, always did. It was his insistence that she pursue her gift as an author that led her to do just that shortly after his untimely death. She’s privileged to share her work with readers and book lovers alike. Get in touch here to learn more about her work, writing process, and future endeavors.

Read A Sample of Her latest Book

Gun violence leaves scars not visibly seen with one’s naked eye. Hearts break and bleed because of it while tears pool beneath the eyes. Bruises appear just beneath the surface casually littered across the heart. This agonizing epidemic nips at the soul sometimes leaving a person beyond repair. No one deserves this type of pain especially when it can be avoided with one two simple actions. This wide-reaching epidemic can be solved by simply putting down the guns and just living and enjoying life!

Bullets have no eyes and victims of gun violence don’t all die immediately. In some instances, it takes hours. In other instances, it takes days. And on rare occasion, it takes years. The healing from the loss of a loved one due to gun violence can take even longer. No family should be forced to endure this type of hurt and pain, so I beg of you, please put down the guns and just live!

Intellectual Ink Magazine believes that supporting black businesses is essential to creating economic justice for the Black community. By utilizing the power of the Black dollar, small businesses have the potential to create jobs, provide vital resources, and stimulate economic development in their local communities. Unfortunately, Black-owned businesses are facing unique challenges due to systemic racism and discrimination in access to capital and other resources. Throughout the year we will be SPOTLIGHTING BLACK ENTREPRENEURS to help with these initiatives.

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