June 13, 2024



“Shifting the Cultural Climate: Embracing Change at the 2024 Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration”

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With the generous support of Citizens, the African American Museum is hosting a weekend filled with activities that commemorate the enduring legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This year’s theme, “Shifting the Cultural Climate,” serves as a beacon, guiding us towards a collective commitment to confront violence and injustice while celebrating the transformative power of love within our communities.

MLK Kick-Off Day – January 12th:
The celebration kicks off on January 12th, offering reduced admission of $7 for Adults and $5 for Youth (4-12)/Student/Senior Citizens throughout the day. This opening day sets the stage for a weekend of inspiration, reflection, and community engagement.

MLK Weekend Celebration Day 1 – January 13th:
On the first official day of celebration, the African American Museum opens its doors with free admission for the first 100 guests, followed by reduced admission rates of $7 for Adults and $5 for Youth (4-12)/Student/Senior Citizens. The DANCE4LIFE School of the Arts & Training Institute takes center stage at 1 pm, presenting a dynamic performance from their traveling troupe. At 2 pm, Destiny L Music, a captivating artist transcending conventional music boundaries, graces the audience with a soulful performance. For those unable to attend in person, a virtual café concert with Destiny L + Chasing Dreams awaits at 6 pm, promising a unique and intimate musical experience.

MLK Weekend Celebration Day 2 – January 14th:
Continuing the celebration, the second day features reduced admission rates of $7 for Adults and $5 for Youth (4-12)/Student/Senior Citizens. Attendees can immerse themselves in a day of enlightenment and entertainment, as the museum remains a hub for cultural appreciation and community engagement.

MLK Celebration at AAMP! – January 15th:
On the final day, Citizens generously offers free admission to all visitors, welcoming everyone to participate in the festivities. The Phillie Phanatic and a surprise Philadelphia Phillies player make a special appearance, adding an extra layer of excitement. At 11 am, the MLK Day Discussion: Philly’s Civil Rights Legacy takes center stage, exploring the profound civil rights history in Philadelphia and MLK’s connections with the city. This meaningful discussion features notable figures, including Matthew J. Countryman, Kenneth Salaam, and Dr. Diane Turner.

Color & Talk with Amir “Amiracle” Campbell – January 15th:
Closing the celebration at 2 pm is the Color & Talk with Amir “Amiracle” Campbell, a family-oriented experience that combines the creativity of coloring with a conversation with a multi-faceted creative. Guests are encouraged to unleash their artistic expressions while engaging in a dialogue about MLK’s legacy and the transformative power of art.


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