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Nurturing Minds and Building Dreams: The Tree House Books Community Hub in Philadelphia

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In the heart of North Philadelphia, Tree House Books stands tall as more than just a bookstore; it is a beacon of hope, a Giving Library, and a Literacy Center with a mission to cultivate a community of passionate readers, writers, and thinkers. Since its establishment in 2005, Tree House Books has been unwavering in its commitment to ensuring that every child has access to books, fostering dreams, and promoting literacy as a cornerstone of success.

The Giving Library:
At the core of Tree House Books’ mission is the Giving Library, a vibrant community center that operates as both a by-donation bookstore and a literacy haven. Open six days a week, the Giving Library is not just a place to acquire books but a space where families gather, ideas are exchanged, and the love of reading is nurtured. With a commitment to accessibility, the Giving Library provides free books to the community, distributing thousands to children and adults throughout Philadelphia.

Out of School Time (OST) Programs:
Understanding the pivotal role education plays in shaping a child’s future, Tree House Books has reimagined Out of School Time (OST) programs with a focus on literacy skills and a 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio at every level. From the earliest moments of a child’s education through high school and beyond, these programs instill a lifelong love of reading and writing, contributing to the intellectual growth of the community.

Programmatic Priorities:
Tree House Books operates on five programmatic priorities that guide its initiatives and outreach efforts:

  1. Reading:
  • Providing free books to the community.
  • Offering programs to build literacy skills and ignite a lifelong passion for reading and writing.
  1. Writing:
  • Incorporating writing activities into daily programs, fostering creativity and self-expression.
  1. Thinking:
  • Encouraging exploration and supporting intellectual curiosity.
  • Creating a non-judgmental environment where participants express ideas, ask questions, and engage deeply with their learning.
  1. Family Engagement:
  • Supporting families through structured activities, events, and support services.
  • Encouraging reading together in the home, recognizing it as a fundamental indicator of a child’s potential for success.
  1. Community:
  • Connecting with the North Philadelphia neighborhood.
  • Contributing to the fabric of the community, strengthening the bonds that make it a resilient and vibrant space.

  • Tree House Books recognizes the power of collective action and enlists the entire community—children, families, students, educational institutions, businesses, and more—in a spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy. Together, they aim to change lives and make a lasting impact on literacy in Philadelphia.

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