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Issue 23: AC Arthur

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AC Arthur has worked as a paralegal in every field of law since high school, but her first love is and will always be writing romance. She’s written and won awards for her acclaimed Donovans and Shadow Shifters contemporary and paranormal romance series. Under her pen name, Lacey Baker, she created the quaint small town of Sweetland and wrote the novelization for the Original Hallmark Channel Movie, A Gingerbread Romance.

After years of hosting reader appreciation events, AC created the One Love Reunion, an event designed to bring readers and authors together to celebrate their love of books.

AC resides in Maryland with her family, where she’s currently working on her next book…or watching Criminal Minds.

Intellectual Ink had the privilege of featuring AC Arthur in intellectual Ink Magazine Issue 23. Here is a preview of the interview…

You have a prolific pen and writing over 80 novels is an extraordinary accomplishment. Can you tell us about your writing process and how you come up with ideas for your books?

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. This has been an interesting and rewarding journey for me. I’ve learned a lot since writing my first book, and the more I learn, the more I’m open to applying different methods to get the book completed. I’m a plotter, so once I have the initial idea for a book, I take a while (usually about a week) to plot the entire book, create my character arcs and outline at least half the book. At that point, I’m ready to write. The hardest part of a book to write for me is the first 10K words because no matter how much plotting and outlining I’ve done, it’s not until around that point that I really start to feel comfortable with my characters. I usually write every day (early morning is peak time for me), but the amount of words on any given day varies. 2023 is supposed to be my year to take weekends off, but so far, I’m failing. LOL, I’m most often–inspired by characters on television shows, movies, song lyrics, and places.

Can you speak to the impact your writing has had on your readers and the literary community?

It is my hope that my contribution to the literary community provides a measure of entertainment and temporary respite from the harsh reality we’re currently living in. I write intending to engage readers and encourage aspiring writers.

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Book 1 in the Carrington Chronicles

One man wants her…. …and another won’t let her go

Jason Carrington is a millionaire hotelier. He’s a man that’s never had to take no for an answer, who gets what he wants, when he wants it, no questions asked. Until he meets Celise Markam. In the midst of searching for the person responsible for sabotaging his hotel, in walks the first woman to tame Jason’s burning need.

Celise Markam may be a spoiled and pampered heiress on the surface, but beneath that media created facade lies a passion desperate to break free. Her surge to independence comes when she breaks her engagement and moves to Monterey, California to venture into the restaurant business. She has a plan for her future, one she’s not willing to let anyone—fiancé or relative—change. Her life is her own and she’s ready to do whatever is necessary to make her dreams come true. Then she spends the night with Jason Carrington and everything Celise thought she knew about love disintegrates in the flames of their desire.

Inexplicably drawn to each other, Celise and Jason ignite a fire bound to burn until someone gets hurt.


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