July 14, 2024



From Toxic Behavior to The Black Family – WTF Is Going On?

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By Erick S. Gray

First, let’s talk about GloRilla’s outlandish, ridiculous, and crazy statement telling women to be toxic and delusional while they’re in their 20s. Wow! She was serious, too. Ladies, if you follow that foolish advice, you will regret it years later. The one thing I agree with what she said is that You only get one life. I’m puzzled as to why would she make that statement. Why would someone thrive on being “toxic” before settling into maturity and then expect to change overnight? It doesn’t work that way. I understand when you’re young and in your 20s, you want to have fun and enjoy life, and you’ll make mistakes too. GLorilla is setting women up, especially black women, for disaster and failure. It would be best if you weren’t toxic and delusional in your 20s. You should be focused, productive, and have some plan. You should have fun in your 20s, and you’ll make mistakes, too (Shit, I’ve made plenty), but at the same time, your 20s should be a stepping stone and milestone for your future life…


Reminiscent of Marvel’s Luke Cage, Erick S. Gray’s debut novel into the realm of the urban supernatural tells a gripping story of power, greed, and soul-sacrificial vengeance. Fans of S.A. Cosby’s Razorblade Tears will be engrossed.

Omar will soon take advantage of his right to bear arms—even though it might cost him his soul.

Residing in one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in New York, Brownsville—Omar Richards has been the constant target of abuse and bullying. With his mother dying of cancer, his entire world seemingly falls apart, forcing Omar to question his sanity and religion. As if those terrors weren’t enough, Omar’s most feared adversary, Brice, is determined to make his life a living hell. 
When Omar makes a grim discovery left behind by murdered kingpin Sean Black, his life is forever changed. Especially once he realizes that his new secret weapon has supernatural abilities. Why settle for money, power, and respect when you can have justice!

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