April 23, 2024



BOOK CLUB: Caryn Lee

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Caryn Lee, a native of Chicago, was destined to write exciting books. Growing up in a house filled with books on a variety of topics made it simple to fall in love with reading. Her love of reading developed at a rapid rate into a literacy collection that even amazed her. She made the decision to try her hand at writing a novel, and as a result, her popular series “Blackbone” was born. Since then, Caryn has expanded her writing experience by penning her first children’s book, “An Adventure in Magical Unicorn Land.” It’s been said that reading is one of the best ways to influence a child’s developing mind, and author Caryn Lee successfully does this with each story she creates. For those beautiful children in your life with bright eyes, Caryn’s children’s books open up entire worlds of delight. Tales of exploring the moon and magical unicorns are just some of the works she currently has published. There are now 20 children’s books written and published by Caryn Lee. You can find them on her website.

Twin sister and brother, Jaliyah and Jacoby aren’t too excited about going to the library. Their mom challenges them to put their minds to the test, and they will see the library is not as boring as they make it out to be.


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