June 13, 2024



BEM Books & More: Nourishing Minds, Celebrating Cultures

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In the vibrant tapestry of Brooklyn’s cultural landscape, two sisters, Gabrielle, and Danielle Davenport, have embarked on a literary and culinary odyssey with their unique venture, BEM | books & more. This innovative online bookstore is a haven for literature enthusiasts and a celebration of the rich and diverse cultures within the African diaspora. Rooted in a legacy of dynamic Black women, the sisters have created a space that seamlessly weaves together the love for food, books, and storytelling.

BEM’s journey is a testament to the sisters’ passion for exploring the multifaceted connections between food, literature, and the African diaspora. The name “BEM” pays homage to their grandmothers’ initials, symbolizing a bridge between generations and a continuation of a tradition steeped in love and storytelling. Through their roles as an actor, writers, creative producers, and curators, the sisters have curated a unique collection that reflects the essence of Black culture.

Browsing through BEM’s collection, you may encounter titles that challenge traditional notions of food literature. The sisters embrace flexibility, recognizing that a single food moment or metaphor can be powerful enough to shape the narrative. With pride, they present brilliant works that delve into the diverse experiences of Black individuals and families across time and place.

As you peruse the virtual shelves of BEM | books & more, the invitation is extended to read, eat, and cook alongside the vibrant community they are building. Follow them on social media for a glimpse into the world of BEM or drop them a line at getintouch@bembrooklyn.com. The sisters eagerly anticipate sharing this enriching journey with you and extend a warm welcome to all who are ready to explore the nexus of literature, food, and culture.

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