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TMJ Books, short for The Mind’s Journey Books, is a renowned publishing company committed to bringing captivating stories to readers worldwide. Founded by author T.M Jefferson, TMJ Books specializes in publishing both fiction and non-fiction titles that inspire, empower, and challenge readers to question the status quo.

Intellectual Ink is honored to have a conversation with Author Tremayne Jefferson about his inspirational memoir “Change the Game.”

INK MAG: When did you first recognize yourself as a writer? And what was the driving force behind crafting “Change the Game” and opening up about your journey of overcoming adversity?

TMJ: Thank you for having me. Writing has been an integral part of my identity for as long as I can remember. From the early days, I had a passion for writing, which began with short stories and music. However, it was during my time incarcerated that I truly grasped the power of writing as a potential pathway to change my circumstances. I saw writing as a way out! The inspiration for “Change The Game” struck me after my second book was published. During a trunk show, a curious reader asked about my story. That was when I realized the significance of my own journey and what it took to reach where I stand today. While I didn’t immediately start writing the book, that initial spark planted the seed.

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Change The Game is not just a memoir – it is a testament to the power of human agency and the transformative potential that lies within all of us…

In a world where reinventing oneself is often viewed as an impossible task, Change The Game provides a refreshingly honest and straightforward account of what it takes to transform your life. Through vividly descriptive and in-depth storytelling, T.M explores the idea that the choices we make early in life have a direct impact on our future.

As readers embark on this journey of personal growth and reinvention, they are taken on a tour of the gritty and unforgiving reality of the concrete jungle. The narrative transports us from the graffiti-ridden hallways of the Hartley Housing project to the villainous and unjustly confines of the New York State prison system. Through it all, we bear witness to a young man’s struggle with drugs, guns, fast-money, and the harsh consequences that inevitably follow. But amidst the chaos and hardship, there is a spark of hope. With remarkable resilience and tenacity, T.M begins to climb his way out of the depths of despair. Through sheer force of will, he rises above the challenges that threaten to consume him and ultimately reaches the pinnacle of success on the AA independent publishing charts. Through deft and skillful narration, we are given a unique window into T.M’s journey of personal transformation. We witness firsthand the grit, determination, and unwavering spirit that allowed him to overcome adversity and achieve success.

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