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Issue 23: Author Terri D

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Terri Martinez who also writes under the pen name of Terri D. was born in Detroit Michigan and was raised in the Washington, DC area. She has lived in Harrisburg, PA since 1987 where she raised her three children as a single mother for over fifteen years after her divorce. Her children are all grown, and she now has six grandchildren. Terri’s children and now her grandchildren continue to be an inspiration for her to push herself to get to the next level. Terri has spent most of her career working in the Healthcare industry and most of that time was spent in Information Technology. Terri is also a certified Life Coach and provides training classes on journaling.

Terri has always loved to journal and dabbled in poetry as well before writing her first novel in 2010, titled Yesterday’s Lies. Since her debut novel, she has written 6 more novels. She also has published seven self-care journals. Terri also has a blog titled Random thoughts of Author Terri D. Since 2020 Terri has been working with other authors and poets to help them realize their dreams of publishing their books and poetry through her publishing company TDUB Publishing.

What inspired your first novel, “Yesterday’s Lies?”

I was at home recovering from surgery, and one day I came up with a story idea and just started writing. I shared what I wrote with my cousin, and she liked it and told me that I needed to keep going to finish it and I did.

Has your writing process changed from when you first started?

My writing process is basically the same but everything after that has changed.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently when you first started publishing?

The one lesson I’ve learned is about having a good editing process. I’ve learned over time about the different types of editing and the importance of incorporating all of them into the writing process.

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